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AOP Mental Health Center is an Outpatient Facility of SCDMH


200 McGee Road •Anderson, SC 29625
Phone: 864-260-2220 •  Fax: 864-716-2339
Hours of Operation: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm • Monday - Friday

Volunteers and
Community Resource Development

For Further Information call

(864) 260-2220

The Center maintains an active volunteer program to assist with delivering services to our consumers, some of which includes:

  •  Administrative assistance (answering phones, filing, photocopying)

  •  Transportation assistance (transporting consumers to appointments)

  •  Special Events assistance (Christmas parties, summer programs)

  •  Clinical assistance (formal clinical work by counselors/interns)

  •  Organizational assistance (board membership)

  •  Donation assistance (donation of food, clothing, personal items)

The center welcomes the donation of resources and encourages community organizations, industries, churches, individuals and other entities to become involved in our efforts. In addition, the coordinator of this program works in conjunction with the community to address the needs of our consumers in areas such as housing, healthcare, advocacy.

In efforts to educate the community and promote public awareness about mental illness, the coordinator of this program and other Center staff participate in local Health Fairs, National Depression Screening Day, Local Mental Health Awareness Walk, and speaking engagements about mental illness to various community groups.